Charitable membership

Your membership will help us to campaign for the widespread use of restorative justice, raise the profile of restorative justice in the media and with the public and enable victims to access restorative justice wherever and whenever they need it.

Charitable organisational membership is available to registered charities, Community Interest Companies Limited by Guarantee and not for profit organisations including schools.

All organisational members will have the opportunity to be included in our Members Register. Those organisations who hold one of the RJC's Registration or Accreditation awards will also be included on either the service or training provider register.

Our members enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Monthly RJC bulletins
  • Access to and opportunity to promote your own work in the RJCs quarterly publication Resolution
  • Networking opportunities with academics, researchers and practitioners from the UK and beyond 
  • Opportunity to propose the venue to host and topics for future RJC events (e.g. conferences, seminars and other events)
  • Reduced fees for RJC conferences and seminars
  • Ability to nominate for the RJC Annual Award for exceptional contribution to the field
  • Exclusive access to the member’s section of the website 
  • A voice in the decision-making of the RJC
  • Opportunities to participate in RJC committees and working group
  • Access to our standards for practice and accreditation products
  • Exclusive access to our directory containing contact details of all members
  • Opportunity to promote your products, services and events on our website

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