Four-Day Restorative Approaches Facilitator Course

Approved Course - Foundation Level

A Restorative Approach (RA) is inspired by the philosophy and practices of Restorative Justice, which puts repairing harm done to relationships and people at the heart of its response to conflict and wrongdoing. The ultimate aim of the training is to contribute to the building of a respectful, safe and inclusive school community or setting.

The course is held over 4 days and provides intensive, interactive facilitator training, focusing on building an understanding of a restorative ethos and developing effective facilitation skills

After the Facilitator course, participants can go on to undertake the Restorative Approaches: Theory and Practice Level 5 programme. This is a course credit rated by the University of Greenwich, which will further develop their skills in this area and enable them to gain 60 credits at Level 5.

Contact: Rachel Quine
Tel: 0208 921 5834