Events & Courses

July 15, 2022
to July 15, 2022

Join us online for the 6th Annual Meeting of the Network of Restorative Practitioners in Mental Health. The focus of this event is hatching and growing restorative practice in mental health settings.

Attendance is free of charge however, pay what you can afford donations are welcomed

July 19, 2022
to July 19, 2022

Dr Clair Aldington will be sharing her research and experiences as an artist and practitioner incorporating art-making and gifting into restorative justice processes.

July 21, 2022
to July 21, 2022

Explore needs, challenges & adaptations for working restoratively with children and young people with SEND and those with a 'spikey profile'

September 5, 2022
to September 19, 2022

This approved course is an intensive and comprehensive immersion in the ethos and practice skills used to apply a restorative lens to the task of relationship repair, the addressing of harm and the growth of community. This Restorative Practice Facilitation Skills course is unique, in that it incorporates tuition in enhanced practitioner skills using a unique method of engagement, enabling greater inclusion of parties in the process. Prior knowledge of restorative practice is not a pre-requisite for undertaking this course.

October 11, 2022
to November 17, 2022

This course, with a specific focus on education settings, will give you a clear understanding of the context for the restorative approach and equip you with the skills to build a healthy community within your setting so that relationships are valued, conflict is reduced and learning capacity is enhanced.