News: Feb 2015

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Consultation results for the Competency Framework and Training Approval Scheme are now available

26 February 2015

The RJC is pleased to announce that the results of the consultation on the Competency Framework and Training Approval Scheme have been published. We received a total of 112 consultation responses which we are using to inform the development of these two projects. Many experienced practitioners and trainers took part in the consultation process.

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Labour publish Victims' Taskforce report

25 February 2015

The RJC welcomes the recommendations of the report with a strong focus on the perspective of victims when using restorative justice.

With evidence showing 85% of victims feeling satisfied with restorative justice the RJC would like to see restorative justice implemented across the criminal justice system.

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Deputy PM supports restorative justice

23 February 2015

In a speech on Liberal Democrat justice policy today, the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has committed the Liberal Democrats to supporting more use of restorative justice in care homes. He said that the Liberal Democrats: “Will do more to promote restorative justice for children raised in care, so they are not dragged into the criminal justice system for behaviour that, for other children, would have been dealt with within the family home.”

Responding to the speech, Jon Collins, chief executive officer of the Restorative Justice Council, said:

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The RJC launches champions initiative

19 February 2015

The RJC has had overwhelming support for its restorative justice champions initiative. The aim of the initiative is to increase the understanding of restorative justice by key commentators and decision makers to help promote the development and benefits across different sectors.

The RJC, supported by the Ministry of Justice, planned to recruit and develop a minimum of 30 active restorative justice champions to provide comments and contributions to debates, practice improvement and innovation.

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Why me? celebrate the success of the Observer Programme

18 February 2015

Thirty three key decision-makers within the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales have observed a face to face restorative conference as part of Why me?’s Observer Programme.

Sir Alan Beith MP, Chair of the Justice Select Committee, Shadow Justice Minister, Sadiq Khan, Judge Ford from Bristol Crown Court , Richard Monkhouse JP, Chair of the Magistrates Association and London Deputy Mayor, Stephen Greenhalgh are among those who have taken part in the scheme.

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Restorative justice in youth offending teams information pack launched

10 February 2015

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has published an information pack on restorative justice in youth offending teams (YOTs). The information pack is intended to support YOTs in making greater use of restorative approaches.