News: Apr 2016

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Why me? publish report on PCC provision of restorative justice

28 April 2016

Why me? have today released the results of their research into Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) provision of restorative justice.

The research focused on PCC expenditure and delivery. Why me? looked at what services have been commissioned and how accessible they are to victims, as well as trying to find out how much of the £23 million the Ministry of Justice allocated for PCC delivery of restorative justice over the three years from 2013 had been used.

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RJC presents evidence at Justice Select Committee inquiry

19 April 2016

Jon Collins, the RJC’s chief executive, gave oral evidence to a Justice Select Committee hearing in Westminster this morning. The hearing was part of the select committee’s inquiry into restorative justice, and followed on from a written consultation earlier this year.

The session covered topics including the evidence for cost effectiveness, how well the Victims’ Code is working in practice, the potential for a Victims’ Law and the use of restorative justice for domestic and sexual violence.

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RJC briefing for Charlie Taylor

18 April 2016

The RJC has given a briefing on restorative justice to Charlie Taylor to inform his review of the youth justice system. This briefing included evidence about the effectiveness of restorative justice and restorative practice with young people aboth as a diversionary measure and in custody or as part of a sentence.

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New Ministry of Justice funding

7 April 2016

The RJC is pleased to have agreed funding for 2016-17 with the Ministry of Justice to deliver a programme of work to promote the use of restorative justice and ensure quality in its delivery.

In line with reductions in government spending, however, the RJC’s funding from the Ministry of Justice has been significantly reduced compared to the last two years. We will therefore be continuing to carry out a programme of work with the Ministry of Justice, but on a smaller scale than previously.