Buy now, apply later for RJC accreditation schemes

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18 January 2018

The RJC’s Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM), practitioner accreditation and Training Provider Quality Mark (TPQM) recognise and support quality restorative practice. To give organisations the flexibility they need to apply for accreditation, the RJC is offering a buy now, apply later scheme.

What is buy now, apply later?

Buy now, apply later helps organisations which have end of year funds to pay for RJC accreditation products but don’t want to start the application immediately. Usually, once an application for the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM), Training Provider Quality Mark (TPQM) or practitioner accreditation is started it needs to be completed within a few months. The buy now, apply later scheme means that the RJC will invoice for the accreditation by the end of March 2018 and allow you to begin your application later in 2018, whenever the timing is right.

What if something changes before I start my application?

The RJC is offering a money back guarantee on all buy now, apply later payments. We are confident that any changes that the RJC introduces before you start will make the accreditation easier to complete without compromising its quality. However, if you change your mind, or are unable to start your application for any reason, the RJC will refund your payment if requested by 30 September 2018.

What does it cost?

Buy now, apply later RSQM - £4,000 plus VAT

Buy now, apply later Training Provider Quality Mark - £1,750 plus VAT or £1,000 plus VAT for sole traders

Buy now, apply later Practitioner Accreditation - £300 plus VAT

How long can I wait before making an application?

Applicants for practitioner accreditation must complete their initial telephone call with their assessor by 30 September 2018 and submit their application by 31 December 2018.

To start a direct accreditation application practitioners must have at least one year’s experience of delivering restorative interventions, and to have facilitated at least five restorative processes (including at least three direct face to face conferences).

Please note that during the application process, practitioners build a portfolio of evidence that includes case studies. These must be based on examples of facilitating face to face conferences, an indirect process and a case with sensitive and complex issues. You can use the free self assessment tool to check if you are ready to apply.

Services applying for the RSQM must arrange for the first site visit to take place by 30 September 2018.

In order to begin an RSQM application a service must also complete the organisational healthcheck tool and score at least 28 points. We would recommend to review the health check tool.

Applicants for the TPQM must arrange for their observation to take place before the end of December 2018. The TPQM application and accompanying evidence must also be submitted at least three weeks ahead of the observation.

In order to apply for the TPQM, a training provider must be listed on the RJC Trainers Register and deliver at least one facilitation training course per year. The observation must be of the trainer provider delivering facilitation training.

Do I have to be an RJC member?

You may apply for the RSQM without RJC membership. However you will need to join the RJC as an Associate Practitioner member before you can submit an application for direct accreditation or as a training provider member before you can submit an application for TPQM.

If you are considering using buy now, apply later for an RJC accreditation, why not join the RJC at the same time?

What next?

Email with the accreditations you would like to purchase under buy now, apply later. The RJC will respond with full terms and an invoice. To qualify, you will need to pay the invoice or provide a purchase order by 31 March 2018.  

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