RJC launches new handbooks for the restorative field

node leader
28 January 2016

The RJC is pleased to announce the launch of three handbooks for the restorative practice field. These new resources for practitioners, trainers and service providers will help support the delivery of high quality restorative training and services and the development of professional practice.

The handbooks contain all the relevant standards, guidance and RJC resources for each membership group in a single document which can be easily accessed as a reference text for daily use in service provision, practice and training.

They were developed in partnership with RJC members, following a membership wide consultation.

The RJC’s chief executive officer, Jon Collins, said: “Promoting quality and consistency within the restorative practice field is an important part of the RJC’s remit. These handbooks bring together key information in a single, comprehensive resource, and we’re very grateful to everyone who has contributed to their development.”

Find out more and download the handbooks here.