Why Me? awarded the RSQM

node leader
25 November 2016

The RJC is pleased to announce that Why Me? has been awarded the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM).

Jon Collins, the RJC’s chief executive, said:

“I would like to congratulate Why Me? for successfully completing the RSQM. This indicates the commitment it has to guaranteeing the highest standards in restorative justice.”

The RSQM is a badge of quality that guarantees that a service provides safe, high quality restorative practice which meets the six Restorative Service Standards. Why Me? joins other RSQM awardees – in sectors ranging from criminal justice through education to care – delivering high quality restorative processes.

Louise Raven-Tiémélé, RJ Coordinator, Why Me?, said:

“We are overjoyed to have achieved the RSQM, as this has given us the confidence that we are delivering an RJ service of the highest quality.

“The RSQM was a lot of work, but absolutely worth it! The process of reflection and taking action based on that was really valuable. The work we did, the dialogues we had and the action we have taken based on the final report has definitely enhanced the learning of our staff and volunteers.

“The assessor and the RJC team were supportive and guided us through each step of the process. The resources, such as the RSQM planner, were really useful to help break down the different stages. I highly recommend applying for and going through the RSQM process. The hard work will pay off and help you grow as a service to become the best you can be”.