Ministry of Justice evaluation: implementing restorative justice schemes (Crime Reduction Programme) second phase report

This is the second report on pilot studies of three restorative justice projects: CONNECT, the Justice Research Consortium, and REMEDI.

Restorative Approaches in Primary Schools: An Evaluation of the Project Co-ordinated by the Barnet Youth Offending Service

This report reveals the findings of a 2008 evaluation of restorative approaches in schools in Barnet.  

Ministry of Justice evaluation: implementing restorative justice schemes (Crime Reduction Programme) final report

This is the final Ministry of Justice report into the restorative justice trials that began in 2001. This concluding report gives the results of the research, highlighting both the positive impact of restorative justice on reducing reconviction rates and the cost-effectiveness of the intervention.

Restorative Practices in Three Scottish Councils: Final Report of the Evaluation of the First Two Years of the Pilot Projects 2004-2006 (2008)

In 2004, the Scottish Executive established a 30-month pilot project in restorative practices in three local authorities, each of which was funded with about £45,000 annually. The pilot project was later extended until 2008.

RJC brief of the Ministry of Justice fourth report on Restorative Justice

In June 2008, the Ministry of Justice released its final report into the Restorative Justice trials that began in 2001.

The concluding report covers the results of the research regarding the impact of RJ on reconviction rates as well as how cost effective the intervention is.

Restorative justice cases in Scotland: Factors related to participation, restorative process, agreement rates and forms of reparation

This 2009 research draws on four years of data from three restorative justice services in Scotland to explore the factors associated with service user participation, agreement rates, the use of direct or indirect restorative processes, and different forms of reparation.

Restorative Approaches in Schools: Bristol RAiS Evaluation

In 2009, an independent evaluation was carried out on the impact of Restorative Solutions' Restorative Approaches in Schools (RAiS) programme in Bristol.

Making Amends: restorative youth justice in Northern Ireland

A 2009 report on the success of Northern Ireland's Youth Conferencing Service by the Prison Reform Trust.

Matrix Evidence – Economic analysis of interventions for young offenders

This 2009 independent expert analysis of the economic benefits of restorative justice revealed that restorative justice would likely lead to a net benefit of over £1 billion over 10 years.

Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence/Abuse

Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence/Abuse (2008, updated April 2010) is a report commissioned by Cardiff Prison to look into increasing the effectiveness of their Supporting Offenders through Restoration Inside (SORI) programme with domestic violence perpetrators.