Alli’s story

When Alli’s house was burgled, losing irreplaceable memories of her mother left her distraught and with unanswered questions. Here, she explains how restorative justice gave her the chance to tell the offender how much he’d hurt her so that she could move on with her life.

Working with black, Asian and minority ethnic children in the youth justice system: a guide for restorative justice practitioners

Restorative justice and black, Asian and minority ethnic children in the youth justice system

What's new in restorative justice research?

Researchers have published thousands of articles on restorative justice. However, much of this information is behind the paywalls of academic journals or is too lengthy to be of practical use. Here, Ian Marder, a PhD researcher at the University of Leeds and the founder of the Community of Restorative Researchers, discusses the findings of some recent research. 

Justice devolution - what would it mean for restorative justice?

International Restorative Justice Week 2016 - RJC Films

Here you will find all six RJC films released during Restorative Justice Week 2016. 

The RJC would like to thank Nick, Paula, Jason, Annabel, Anna, Emma and Ruth for sharing their stories with us. 

RJC Impact report 2015-16

Nick's story

Nick spent 16 years learning to live with the killing of his twin brother, Simon. Here, he talks about how restorative justice helped him to stop feeling like a victim. 

Paula's story

Paula became the victim of sexually harmful behaviour when a young man exposed himself to her. Here, she talks about why she wanted to meet the offender, and why other victims should have the same opportunity.

Jason's story

Jason was convicted of possession of a firearm and armed robbery and sentenced to five years at HMP & YOI Feltham. During his sentence he met the victims of his crime in a restorative justice conference. Here, Jason explains how restorative justice helped him to understand the impact of his crime and move on with his life after prison.