RJC Direct Accreditation Application Handbook

2016 Ipsos MORI polling summary

Laura's story

Accounts of child abuse are depressingly familiar, as are the life-long effects it can have on its survivors. Here, Laura explains how facing her abuser empowered her and enabled her to move on with her life.

Multiagency partnerships report - Scriberia images

To inform our report, Delivering restorative justice - making multiagency partnerships work, the RJC held events with the three areas profiled. Scriberia produced visual minutes of these events, excerpts from which appear on the case study pages.

Nick's story

Nick spent 16 years learning to live with the killing of his twin brother, Simon. Here, he talks about how restorative justice helped him to stop feeling like a victim. 

Restorative practice and young people - exhibition stand application form

Restorative justice and policing - what you need to know

Working with women who offend: A guide for restorative justice practitioners

The RJC has published Working with women who offend: A guide for restorative justice practitioners.

Making restorative justice work for women who have offended

The RJC has published Making restorative justice work for women who have offended, a new research report that sets out a series of recommendations for practitioners and policy makers on how to improve female offenders’ access to and experiences of restorative justice.

Annabel's story

Annabel didn’t realise how much being burgled had affected her until she came face to face with the young offender. Here, she talks about how restorative justice helped her to feel like her house was a home again.