Restorative Now


Restorative Now provide intensive, interactive RJ Facilitation Training courses over three days, followed by dedicated coaching and buddying opportunities in the workplace. This training establishes the foundation of values and ethos of Restorative practice and then embeds the skills required to effectively engage parties in the process. The course evaluations evidence 96% of participants rating the course and trainer as excellent. Courses are adapted to link to the requirements of the commissioning agencies and have been delivered to schools, Youth Offending Services, residential centres, Youth Offending Institutions, housing associations, international charities and community based support agencies. In addition, workshops are offered addressing cases of a Sensitive and Complex nature, The Management of Restorative Practice, and workshops specific to a Victim focus.

Contact: Janine Carroll, Director
Address: 2 Stamford Square, London SW15 2BF
Tel: 07553820887

Service areas:

Community, Criminal Justice, Education, Health, Sensitive and Complex, Workplace, Youth Justice

Membership Type: Trainers (L)