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Dr Marian Liebmann has worked at a day centre for ex-offenders, with Victim Support and in the Probation Service. She was director of Mediation UK for four years and projects adviser for three years, working on restorative justice issues. Since 1998 she has worked freelance as a consultant and trainer, with youth offending teams, mediation services and prisons in the UK. Marian has also undertaken work in several African and East European countries, including training 180 victim-offender mediators in Serbia and Montenegro.

In 2005 Marian received a special merit award of the Longford Prize for her pioneering work in art therapy, restorative justice and mediation. She has written and edited ten books including <em>Restorative Justice: How It Works. In July 2010 she received her PhD at Bristol University.

Recent restorative justice work has included training residents on a housing estate in South Bristol, research on domestic violence and restorative justice in Cardiff Prison and three presentations at the UN Crime Congress Ancillary Programme in Brazil, April 2010.

Courses can be tailor-made to clients' requirements and include: victim-offender mediation, restorative conferencing, restorative justice in prisons, role play practice, community mediation skills, conflict resolution, art and conflict, art and anger management, art-based learning.

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